Nuh NGOs

Non Governmental organisations (NGOs), Non Profit organisations (NPOs), Social Organisations, Voluntary Organisations, Swayam Sewi Sansthan – NGO in Nuh

BIT Education Society & Welfare Council, Mewat

Add: Nr. Sr. sec. School Tauru, Tauru
Pin: 122105
Contact Person: Bhagi Rath, G.N. Mallick
Purpose: To help the people to create their own destiny.
Aim/Objective/Mission: To build a Society based on legitimate rights, equity, justice, honesty, social sensitive and a culture of service in which all people are self reliant. We in Bit Education Society And Welfare Coucil commit ourselves to work with the economically and socially deprived people so that they become educated, skilled, and aware. In order to accomplish that act as a resource and to collaborate with other agencies (Governmental or Non-Governmental as well) as suitably intervence in policy formation.
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Mewat Educational & Social Awakening Society, Nuh

Add: Ward No.1 Nangli Road, Near HBC
Pin: 122107
Contact Person: Mohammed Yahya Saifi
Purpose: Educational and social awakening
Aim/Objective/Mission: To organize seminar conference in various aspects on education health sanitation and social economic development of region. To highlight the prograand policies of government which are being implemented in the region and to make people aware their rights and duties. To communication with the government local and public authorities etc various aspect relating to development and welfare. To establish model school modern Madrasas particularly for the girls so that they could get modern education along with Islamic education. To organize general ability test examination particularly for the students and to render education social and financial assistance for the betterment of the students/persons.
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